Martijn van Oers and the mystery of 70-year-old photographs

As you probably already know, I’m a big fan of antique photographs. It’s one of my biggest dreams to discover an old, not developed film one day and to see photographs from a past era, pictures nobody has ever seen before. That’s been one of my childhood fantasies. And that’s why I’m regularly searching flea markets and keep looking for old cameras and reels of film as well. So far, unfortunately, my search has been rather unsuccessful. Once in Amsterdam I actually discovered an old reel of film on a street flea market. However, as I wanted to develop it with a friend, it turned out that the reel was so damaged it couldn’t be used anymore. But I won’t give up my search and in the meantime I’m also happy about everyone who’s been more successful.

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Pictures like from the old days


All those among you who’ve been following this blog for quite some time know I’m a huge fan of antique pictures.

If I remember correctly, the retro look of Instagram filters with which you could convert your own images within few seconds into something that seemed to be from another era was the only reason why I opened an Instagram account some years ago! 😉

In the meantime the retro hype may have decreased, but speaking for myself I still like such images a lot. For this reason I came across Craig Murphy when I discovered one of his pictures by chance in my Facebook feed.

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