The traces of mankind…

[we] come from nature.…There is an importance to [having] a certain reverence for what nature is because we are connected to it… If we destroy nature, we destroy ourselves.” – Edward Burtynsky


Photo credit: Edward Burtynsky

When you think about how little a human-being is compared to the size of our planet it’s only hard to imagine what great impact we still have. For millennia human-beings have exploited the resources of nature. In the course of time mankind has developed more and more modern methods to reach even more resources. To achieve this new technologies and machines have been created. The number of the natural resources people need for their constantly changing lifestyle is also increasing. We keep changing our planet and leaving traces every day, even if we may not really be aware of it.

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New York Air: The View from Above

George Steinmetz

Remember my blog post about the International Drone Aerial Photo Competition? Today I’ll show you something similar – photos taken from a bird’s-eye view. Taken by George Steinmetz, who takes his camera with him on a helicopter ride and who creates jaw dropping photographs while doing so.

More than a year, he took photos of New York from above and the results are simply stunning. His photos of New York are showing the city over the course of time.

Looking at his photos gives me a sense of freedom and they give me a serious yearning for NEW YORK.



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Brain Twister: Joseph Ford’s Aerial


I’m curious by nature, I love puzzles. I like optical illusions and photos which play tricks on my sense of vision and my brain above all. Two and a half months ago I wrote about an image by Bela Borsodi, which was so tricky that one could hardly tell whether it was a photomontage or a single photo. This post is all about surreal compositions made of aerial and fashion photographs, which were so cleverly knit together, that while viewing them your mind will constantly be playing tricks on you. I’m talking about Joseph Ford‘s photo project „Aerial“, of course. 😉

© Joseph Ford

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