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I sold the DP2M and kept the Quattro

Even though the DP2M is better in some respect – as for instance regarding the dynamic range in the highlights and the higher micro contrast – I deem the DP2Q the better camera. In my opinion, you can take sharp, high resolution pictures in the ideal range (between ISO 100-400) with both cameras. The Quattro ...


Sigma DP2Q vs DP2M Part 3: how noisy are the shadows?

As I have already compared the Quattro and the Merrill with regard to noise performance and highlight headroom, the only thing left to scrutinize are the shadows, particularly the noise in them. A short comment, before I start explaining my approach and analyzing the results: the comparison of the highlights has shown that the Merrill ...


Sigma DP2Q vs DP2M Part 2: Highlight headroom

After several forum entries regarding the narrow dynamic range of the Quattro, especially the small reserves in the highlights, I started my own comparison with the DP2 Merrill to literally see for myself. The whole venture turned out more difficult than I initially thought. At the first try (aperture priority), exposure times didn’t match. At ...


Sigma DP2Q vs DP2M Part 1: Noise Performance

Like I promised a few days ago, I’m now posting the noise performance comparison of the DP2 Quattro and the DP2 Merrill. Before I proceed to analyse the results, I would first like to say some things about in-camera settings as well as SPP and Lightroom settings. I haven’t taken any photos at ISO6400, because ...


Several differences between DP2Q & SPP 6.0.5 and DP2M & SPP 5.5.3

Before you take a look at the cute motifs and possibly get diabetes as a result, I would like to share my insights with you, gained through comparing the DP2Q and SPP 6.0.5 with the DP2M and SPP 5.5.3. 😉 While post processing these most recent photos, I’ve stumbled across the following differences. Sharpness I ...


DP2m at closest focusing distance

Over the past couple of days, I played around a bit with the DP2m close-up-range in order to find out what I can get out of a camera in this respect. I predominantly used aperture f2.8 and manual focus at it. Rather than turning around the lens ring, I left the focus at 28cm (DP2m’s ...


On the move with the DP2m again at last

Even though it’s still twelve days until we can officially bid farewell to winter, the previous week here in Serbia has been anything but hibernal. 15 to 20 degrees, sunny, sheer dolce vita. In weather like this, it is easy to dedicate oneself to photography and other outdoor-activities again.


Comparison: Sigma DP2m vs Sigma SD1 & 30mm f1.4

Both the Sigma DP2m and SD1 are fine cameras which appeal to different target groups and which reach top forms under different conditions. The DP2m is a compact camera capable of astonishing image quality – the full format for the jacket pocket, so to speak. This compactness comes with disadvantages as well, lenses cannot be ...


As a photographer who favours normal focal length you can get used to the 35 mm focal length

I was having a tough time with Sigma’s 24/1.4 Art in the beginning because I didn’t get along with its focal length. I’m used to taking photos with a normal focal length or even longer focal lengths such as the DP3M’s 50mm (which is equivalent to 75mm in full frame terms). But it’s not like ...


815g of brute imaging force: my Sigma 50mm f1.4 has arrived!

As a Sigma DP owner one is well-acquainted with the extraordinary image quality of the fixed/ non-changeable DP lenses and appreciates them very much. However, one does wonder from time to time whether there is something better, or if there are lenses that can match this degree of sharpness while also sporting wider apertures. Well, ...