Candle light and the sweet smell of cookies

Every year it’s one of the most beautiful days for me, the 24th of December, Christmas Eve. Time with my family, time to chat, to play, to share things, to relax. Time to feel good and do something good for the others.

In general, I’m really not a person who sticks to traditions and routine. I always want to do something new, exciting and different. My only exception is Christmas! It’s the only day in the year where I not only tolerate the same traditions and procedures, but even appreciate and love them.

In the morning of the 24th of December, we celebrate my dad’s birthday with a big breakfast because in our home Jesus has got to share his great day. Each one of us has their own task on this day: I prepare ‘hot wine’, my brother cooks a nice soup and my parents keep discussing about the cooking time of the main course. All together we decorate our Christmas tree. Especially when opening our gifts we enjoy the old Christmas decorations which have already meant so much to my mother in her childhood days.

Today I recorded this late morning with my Sony Alpha 7II and my favorite lens, the 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art in order to capture all the beautiful Christmas details for you. Of course with an open aperture to guarantee a maximum of magic!

I hope all of you are having and have had some wonderful Christmas holidays and you’re enjoying this peaceful time in the year.

You’ll find all of the photos on Flickr:
Christmas is all around us

Candle light and the sweet smell of cookies

Candle light and the sweet smell of cookies

Candle light and the sweet smell of cookies

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