That was Photokina 2K18!

As expected the Photokina 2018 was a top event due to its impressive character and overwhelming size. More than 1,600 exhibitors from over 50 countries came to Cologne’s trade fair halls to present their ideas and products. In this article we have summarized the most important facts, highlights and all the relevant information you need.

Important news beforehand

September makes all things new. After a two-year break the largest photo fair in the world, the Photokina, finally took place in Cologne from 26 to 29 September 2018. Until this year the fair has only been organized in two year-intervals and all the people interested in it had to stay patient. However, in order to cope with the increasingly rapid innovations in our digitalized world, the organizers decided to hold the event every year from now on. Furthermore, the date will change as well, as it usually took place in fall and has been rescheduled to spring, to be more exact to May. Apart from innovations in the area of ​​imaging workflows, suitable products, applications and services will also be provided a platform at the exhibition. 


The L-Mount alliance
Right at the beginning, one of the biggest bombshells exploded: the giants in the field of photography, Sigma, Panasonic and Leica, are now collaborating on a combined system, the so-called L-mount. Each of the three brands has confirmed that they are developing and producing both lenses and cameras for this new system. This means, above all, a wider selection for customers, as several lenses will match with different cameras and images can be taken without any loss of quality. In this context, Panasonic also introduced the new Lumix models S1 and S1R, which create 4K full format pictures at 60 frames per second.

Now, at this moment and instant (cameras)

At the Photokina one could get a sense of how important instant cameras have become nowadays. The fact that cameras à la Polaroid and Co have been on the rise again for quite some time isn’t brandnew, however, their relevance was stressed even more at this fair. Instax, for example, had a great exhibition stand where they presented different colors of the new SQ6. Visitors could vote for their favorite color.

Photography in times of smartphone cameras

The great rush and keen interest in the Photokina have once again proved that photography is still very important even in times of high-resolution smartphone cameras. As expected not only the biggest players have introduced their new products, but also many start-ups have presented their innovations and ideas. We’re all thrilled about the development of Photokina and where it’s heading and look forward to May 2019.


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