The most stunning panoramic pictures – The Epson Pano Awards

As all of you may know by now, I’m a great fan of photo awards. If you focus a bit more on the world of photo awards, you’ll soon notice that obviously there’s an award for almost anything. Ranging from those we all know, such as the much-discussed Worldpress Photo Award, to awards one would rather consider to be listed in MARGINAL categories. One of my favorites among those is the “Wildlife Comedy Award“.

The list of photo awards worldwide, of course, is much too long to list them all here. So just take a look here if you want a good overview:

For today, I’d like to tell you a bit more about one of these photo awards: The Epson International Pano Award, the internationally biggest competition for panoramic photography, counts among the awards I highly anticipate every year.

The Epson International Pano Awards were launched by Australian landscape photographer David Evans in 2009 and supported by Epson Australia. Since that year the award has become an internationally renowned collaboration of passionate professional photographers, industry experts and sponsors.

In contrast to many other photo competitions with a wide range of diverse categories, the Epson Pano Awards only has two main categories, which makes it fairly simply organized. The categories are Nature/Landscape and Built Environment/Architecture. You can either make your submissions for the amateur competition or the open competition, and the only thing that’s highly relevant is that the photos are submitted in formats with a ratio of at least 2:1 or 1:2.

Recently the winning pictures of 2018 were published and, as expected, they’re quite stunning. A jury selected the photos they considered to be the best of 4,937 photos taken by 1,251 photographers from 74 countries.

You can find all winners of 2018 listed here:

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