Ruins reconstructed – A glimpse into the world of damsels, knights and others

Have you ever walked through the ruins of a fort or a castle? Can you still remember the feeling you had while doing so? Or what was on your mind then? Ever since I’ve been a fan of old things and places and I’m incredibly interested in history. I was lucky to grow up in an area where you don’t have to search very long to come across a ruin or a historic building. My home town is located on an old transportation route used by the Romans. Roman roads, as such routes area also called, existed in the heyday of the Roman Empire almost all across the European and in wide areas of the Asian continent. Along such routes, of course, some forts and castles were erected and of some of such buildings only ruins or parts have remained which you can visit today. In my childhood we often went to such ruins, explored them, read about them and imagined what living there must have been like.

We mainly knew about the lives in fortresses and castles from Disney films. So you can imagine how far from reality our daydreams really were. Even though I know today that life at those times wasn’t that sweet the buildings and their stories fascinate me even today and I enjoy picturing what they may have looked like in their best years.


A project by On Stride Financial now gives us an insight into this world. It presents seven destroyed forts and casts which they reconstructed digitally in order to show their real splendor which yesterday’s dukes, queens and kings enjoyed and defied. I’ve seen some of these castle ruins myself. Seeing them in their ancient splendor is something incredible for me.


With the help of an architect and lots of sophisticated technology a team of On Stride Financial has now revived six spectacular castles all over the United Kingdom.


You can find more about this project and the stories behind the castles here:

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