New firmware for Sigma sd Quattro and first review of the 60-600mm

Since Photokina the mysterious Sigma camera with full frame Foveon sensor and L-mount is on everyone’s lips to be sure, but for owners of Sigma gear it is more important that software of their cameras and lenses is kept up to date and that there are timely releases of new firmware versions, whenever there are issues. One such update for the sd Quattro was released a few days ago.

The said update is all about bug fixing. The change log is thus short and reads as follows:

  • It has corrected the phenomenon whereby the camera freezes after reactivation from LCD Auto Off if the Viewfinder Mode or LCD Mode settings have been opened from the main menu.
  • It has shortened the time to recognize the card when an SDXC card is used.


I haven’t observed the mentioned problem, but I haven’t changed the settings in question. I also haven’t observed the phenomenon, that the camera needs unusually long to recognize a memory card. But again, I’m not sure if I even own any SDXC cards. Those, however, who have observed the mentioned issues should update their firmware to the new version 1.12. You can download it here.

The second big Sigma news pertains the first serious review of the Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 Sports, which was published over at The Polish reviewers are known for taking their job seriously, which is why they have an excellent reputation among photographers. Having such a website publish a 60-600mm review, in which it fares better than lenses with less zoom, such as the four 150-600mm by Sigma and Tamron and the Nikon 200-500mm, makes it even more astonishing. Yup, you read that right, despite being a 10x zoom lens the 60-600mm is sharper than all alternatives with less zoom! It goes without saying that it is also sharper than its predecessor, the Bigma 50-500mm.

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