The “Nikon Small World“ Competition

We all know that on this planet and in this universe there are so many things we have absolutely no clue about. Outer space, although a lot has already been discovered, still remains a mystery for mankind and the depths of the oceans have barely been explored. But we don’t even need to go that far to realize that we aren’t even aware of major things that happen around us. A contest that shows us this phenomenon in a wonderful way every year is the “Nikon Small World” competition.

3 place

The “Nikon Small World” competition was founded in 1974 with the purpose of presenting outstanding achievements in photography under a light microscope. For now the contest takes place for the 44th time and the pictures we can see keep fascinating us even today.

This year almost 2,500 photos were submitted by scientists and artists from 89 nations. A jury selected the 20 best pictures. The variety of subjects is really amazing. It covers everyday things like a human tear and complex phenomena like cell division.

When you click through the Top 20 gallery of the contest, you can’t stop feeling amazed. I was hardly able to guess the subject shown in a picture without reading its proper description.

The fascination I feel about such impressions of the microscopic world surrounding us is something I can hardly put in words. For sure I kept looking at some of the photos for at least ten minutes and still felt overwhelmed by the colors and shapes of the microcosms. To me it’s as if I got immersed into a world of dreams although all of this surrounds us every day and we just aren’t aware of it.

By the way, submissions can still be sent until 30 April 2019. So in case you count among those fascinated by (microscopically) small things in the world, or in case you’d like to try this kind of photography: This particular contest certainly is some great inspiration to do so.

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