An autumn stroll in Ireland’s capital

“Cozy like a pub, hospitable like a village,” I could read before my departure on some websites as I was looking for some travel inspiration. I wasn’t quite able to imagine what that meant. Shortly after my arrival it became quite obvious to me, though. Dublin is a wonderful city which, despite its size, has a cozy, calm and very relaxed atmosphere. I’d say you’re going to feel good very quickly!

When traveling to Dublin a true must is a visit to Grafton Street where even musicians like Damien Rice started their career. At every corner amazing voices invite you to stop by and keep listening for some time. You get a feeling that there’s much less stress than you know from other cities of this size. People stop and listen, looking friendly and relaxed.

Dubliners love their Guiness! It’s not a secret but in any case it’s well worth visiting the Guiness Storehouse where you can watch how the Irish trademark beer is produced. On seven floors you learn about its history, the ways of production and the sales channels as well as about the marketing of Guiness. As you reach the upper floor you can enjoy a fantastic view over the city.


I took my pictures with my Sony Alpha 7R II, the MC11 converter and my Sigma 24-70 mm F2.8 EX DG HSM lens. That’s always a good choice when it comes to travel photography! By the way, you can read my thoughts about this lens here:

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