Loving Vincent

In my last article I told you about Wolfgang Beltracchi and the art of forgery. That’s how I got inspired by paintings again and so I visited the Albertina yesterday, one of my favorite museums in Vienna, and also watched my favorite movie of the last Oscar Awards.

I regret that this movie was “only” nominated as the best animation film, nevertheless I’d briefly like to present “Loving Vincent” to you. For sure many of you have already seen it and to all others I warmly recommend watching it.


An impressive movie, produced with a totally innovative technique – a project as crazy as it is impressive! “Loving Vincent” was filmed with real people and then painted in 65,000 single oil paintings. 125 painters worked on 94 famous works of the painting genius van Gogh. “Loving Vincent” is a triumphant symbiosis of oil paintings, visual effects and real actors and actresses, thus setting new standards.


The topic of the film is van Gogh’s mysterious early death and every fan of his art will be happy about the many well-known scenes and images. Just take a look at the trailer: J


I’d also like to share an exciting making-of video with you:


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