Erika Zolli – Geometric Variants


Photo by: Erika Zolli

Symmetry, geometry and the play with lines and shapes in photography have always fascinated me. Thus it’s not really surprising that as I looked at the photos of Erika Zolli’s project “Geometric Variants” for the first time I was stunned right away. In her photos this photographer creates new worlds and realities. In a combination of surrealism and ease her subjects interact with their surroundings in magical ways.

Erika Zolli has specialized on fine arts and always felt attracted to the potential of photography, which is able take the viewer into a world of surreal poetry. At present she lives and works in Milan and besides her own photo projects she also gives workshops for creative photography in Italy and Spain. Her work doesn’t only fascinate me but has also been published in several big journals and photography magazines, such as Fotografia Reflex, Il Fotografo, L’Espresso, L’OEil de la photographie, Creathead (VICE), Art Parasites, Urban Contest, Bored Panda. Beyond this, she was awarded the first prize of the “My City” Contest organized by the European Environmental Agency.

About her project “Geometric Variants” she says that in it she plays with the geometric relationship between human-beings and space and thus returns to minimalism, also when it comes to her choice of color. The black and white tones reinforce the strong visual of monochrome geometrical shapes.


Photo by Erika Zolli

The space, backgrounds of repetitive geometrical shapes, a subject and the connection as well as the relationship between the subject and the space in which it’s been placed are the only elements in her series.

In any case, I’m fascinated by her series and even her other projects are incredibly impressive.

What do you think of her work? Have you already heard about this photographer?




All photos by: Erika Zolli

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