Beautiful day after the temperature rollercoaster

Today was the first day that I felt fit enough to go for a photo walk, after having gotten ill last week. After long stretches of stable and warm weather I forget, that I need to put on warmer clothes and shoes when it gets colder again. This keeps happening to me again and again. I’m like a goldfish, which forgets everything after three seconds. And last week’s weather change was quite intense. One day everybody was wearing thongs, on the next it was cold enough for boots. My mistake was that on the said next day I didn’t pack out my boots. 🙂

Today it was toasty and the light was beautiful. I packed my Sigma sd Quattro and das 135mm f1.8 Art in my backpack and went to my favourite park, to watch flowers and insects at work. Really soon now the green will be replaced by other colors and everything will come to a halt. We will long for color and the buzzing of insects. 🙂


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