A future partnership for SIGMA

It’s Photokina Week and of course it was evident to us that we can certainly look forward to some news. But instead of talking about new lenses the world of photography speaks about an exciting new partnership that will be made.


Sigma is going to launch a strategic partnership with the companies Leica Camera and Panasonic.

SIGMA Statement:

Mr. Kazuto Yamaki, Chief Executive Officer, SIGMA Corporation says about the partnership: “As cameras evolved into digital and mirrorless, requirements from users and systems introduced by each brands diversified. Currently, there are overwhelming choices for users, but in terms of extensibility and possibility, the system truly meets user’s needs is not yet available. SIGMA is joining this alliance to develop mirrorless cameras benefiting from a short flange back. As SIGMA strives to develop high performance, high quality and innovative products, this alliance will strengthen the level of completion and the extensibility of our camera system and provide greater user benefits. Leica is a magnificent company that has been contributing to photographic cultures for more than 100 years, and Panasonic is leading the industry by developing reliable technologies across various fields. Together with SIGMA’s unique, high performance and high quality products, the L-Mount will evolve as an extremely attractive system for users.”

The “L-Mount Alliance” is expected to be of great benefit especially for the clients of the three enterprises. In the future the companies Panasonic and Sigma shall be using the Leica L-Mount Standard for their own developments and also offer cameras and lenses with this lens mount. Thus the L-Mount will become even more important in the world of photography over the next few years.

The L-Mount:

The L-Mount was developed by Leica in order to provide clients with a futuristic, flexible and solid bayonet that will meet even high demands. The bayonet was introduced in 2014 and since then there has been ongoing development by Leica Camera and its partners.



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