Cleaning a camera. That’s how it’s done!

Our camera and lenses are sacred to us, there’s no doubt about that. Nevertheless, they are products used on a daily basis and therefore often exposed to the environment and its impacts. In order to preserve our babies as best as possible and make sure that they will function for a long time we have to take care of them! This includes proper cleaning as well. In this article we have summarized for you how to clean a camera and lenses properly and what you should keep in mind and pay attention to.


Better safe than sorry!

To keep your camera as clean as possible make sure the lens is free of dirt, fingerprints and splashes after each photo session. If the glass is clean, the cover should always be put on immediately. Another tip: You can avoid a lot of dirt in advance by using a high-quality UV filter in front of the lens! When packing up your camera without a lens, it’s also important to close the opening with a cover.
A clean camera step by step

  1. Before you start cleaning your camera, always make sure your environment is clean and as dust-free as possible. Also prepare your set-up with all the utensils you are going to need. Then you can start cleaning the body of the camera. For this purpose, a special bellows brush fits well. With this tool you can remove coarse dirt and dust. Afterwards use a clean tissue to wipe the case.
  2. The next step is about cleaning the lens. Begin with removing dust from the lens with the bellows brush again. Gently dissolve the dust with the fine hair bristles and blow it away with the bellows. Please don’t use any tissue during the first dedusting, because this rubs particles into the glass like sandpaper, which may cause fine scratches!
  3. To remove dried-up water splashes or greasy fingerprints from your lens, it is usually sufficient to simply breathe on the lens. Then gently rub in circular movements while using a clean cloth, such as a microfiber tissue. But don’t exert too much pressure as this could cause damage. Repeat this process a couple of times until the dirt is fully removed.
  4. If you need to remove more persistent stains, you may use a glasses cleaner spray or wet disposable tissues for cleaning glasses. You get these items individually packed in drugstores, which makes them an ideal companion for photo tours. Furthermore, there are also special lens cleaners you can buy at special retailers, which suits the purpose as well.


Clean the sensor

It is also extremely important to keep the sensor clean so your photos won’t get flawed by dark spots. Fortunately, most cameras are already equipped with an automatic sensor cleaner. Sensor cleaning is very delicate and time-consuming, so this issue will soon be covered in another article. Stay tuned!

Seeing a professional

For those among you who don’t dare to do their own cleaning or those who’d like to have their camera polished professionally, there’s professional treatment in a specialized photography store.

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