These are my YouTube tips for you!

Few months ago I showed you some of my favorite YouTube channels dealing with photography and editing. On this platform you can very easily discover a lot of informative and interesting videos or just learn new things and get inspired more easily and for free. In my opinion this is a great possibility to keep spending some of your free afternoons or evenings every once in a while, when the weather is bad or when you don’t want to grab your camera. J


To the ones interested in people and fashion I’ve already recommended Jessica Kobeissi ( She wins with her authentic and relaxed appearance and gives us some nice insights backstage during portrait shootings and the editing process. Jessica Whitaker also works in a similar way as she deals with the same topics (

To all those of you who, every now and then, shoot at weddings or are still looking for some inspiration, I can recommend Taylor Jackson. You can find his program here: From the reception to the couple shooting, from macros of wedding decorations to pictures taken during the ceremony, from the sighting and selection to self-marketing you can find many helpful tips and tricks on this particular channel – just take a look.

Landscape photographers certainly will get their money’s worth with “First Man Photography”. On this guy’s channel you can find tips relating to choosing the right equipment for diverse destinations and applications. Furthermore you can find tips on editing and many different exciting techniques: (

All those who’d like to try something totally different can check out Rafy A. If you need to take a break from classical photography and editing and want to immerse into something else – how about some crazy photo manipulation? From flying doors and animals to upside-down worlds all fans of the surreal are going to find something suitable here.



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