NEAT Projects 2 – A dream come true for all travel photographers

We know it all too well. You’re on vacation and have been looking forward to a certain monument or a certain view you’ve seen in so many calendar pictures or on Instagram, and then you’re standing right in front and can’t even see the sight because of all the crowds of people! This particular problem has probably been resolved now. “NEAT Projects 2“ is the miracle cure by Franzis Publishing House which is certainly going to make the lives of thousands of photographers much easier. The tool makes it possible to take a picture by shooting, in a way, past all the people or even right through them. How does that work? With this program several shots of a subject are merged into one image while the persons in front of the subject are retouched and blanked out automatically. Beyond this, the program works with motion detection algorithms.

NEAT Projects operates independently, which makes the entire procedure as simple as photographers could imagine, and it’s compatible with Windows and even for MAC. Beyond this, the developers also thought about the preferences of Adobe users, including a corresponding free plug-in for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

No more getting up in the early morning hours and no more queuing for a clearer unblocked view.  In my opinion this particular tool is an incredible enrichment for travel photographers in particular.

By the way, the complete version of the Professionals Edition can already be bought in the FRANZIS Online Shop for 99 Euros. The upgrade for those of you who have already been using version 1 and loved it costs 59 Euros. There’s a complete version of the NEAT Project 2 for 59 Euros and an upgrade for this version for 49 Euros.

If you’re interested and looking for more information, just click HERE.


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