Emerging Talent Award LensCulture – Just take the chance!

Would you call yourself a photographic talent?

I find it often very hard to admit that one is really talented with certain things. At least I often feel this way, even if many people around me praise me and I get recognition from them.

Thinking this way about your own skills isn’t just bad for your self-esteem but it can also ruin a lot of chances or make you not even take a chance. Only recently I’ve caught myself reacting this way when I read about a call for the “Emerging Talents in the World” by LensCulture. Immediately I thought: Oh cool, I’m curious which great photographers will join this year and who is going to be awarded in 2018. Participating myself wouldn’t even cross my mind. For this very reason and as I finally realized this thinking pattern, I’ve decided to participate this year. Believing in your own skills, taking risks and SIMPLY GIVING IT A TRY can’t be more harmful than doing NOTHING at all.

This year the Emerging Talent Award takes place for the fifth time. Many photographers who joined over the past few years have enjoyed some great success after the event. A jury of international photo professionals selects 50 talents from all submissions and all the winner and their pictures are going to be presented in a gallery in NYC. Beyond this, the photos will be published in a photo book and shown at international photo festivals. All these are reasons enough to participate, don’t you think? J

Here you can find all the information about this award.

Have you ever participated at a photo contest? Or even won an award?

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