An afternoon in the park

During the night the concrete fails to give off all the heat of the previous day, before it gets blasted by the sun on the next one. While walking there is a smell of freshly ironed clothes coming from bellow. It is one’s own clothes being ironed “on the go”. And with steam no less, because you are sweating like mad, as soon as you dare to leave the shadows. The tarmac is hot and sticky, making it hard to decide which shoes to wear. So, who doesn’t love big cities in august? 🙂

Not me, which is why I have been spending a lot of time in nature in the last few weeks. I mostly take nothing but water and some fruit with me. Yesterday I had the Sigma sd Quattro and the 135mm f1.8 Art with me and spent a lot of time by the pond. It amazes me every time, how the close proximity to water ensures lower temperatures and makes the microclimate more pleasant. It makes it a lot easier to take photos with a combo as heavy as the one I had with me. 🙂


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