Chris Burkard – King of landscape photography

One of my greatest idols in terms of photographic achievements is Chris Burkard. This guy actually lives my dream. However, I’m sure that the life and career of this US-American photographer don’t only get close to my ideals of life. At the age of only 32 years the Californian became popular on an international level. On his website he calls himself a discoverer, a photographer, a creative director, a lecturer and a writer. He already had the honor to give a TED x Talk, which, by the way, you really shouldn’t miss. He’s already published several books, he’s been working for many international campaigns and his fan community on diverse social media channels has more than several million followers. Beyond all this, he’s received some awards, including one by Forbes as one of the Top 10 social influencers worldwide.


Here’s the link to his TED x Talk:

Especially the fact that his work as a photographer takes him to the nicest and most interesting places on Earth and that he can make a living this way makes me envious. Very early Christ Burkard decided that it’s this kind of adventures he wanted to fill his life with. He’d only turned 19 when he decided to quit university and become a surf photographer.

“I wanted to see the world and I knew that the camera would be the portal. I quit school, lived in my car, ate questionable Mexican food, and just worked really hard. It was not glamorous.” (from an  interview with Forbes)

Even though he became very popular with his surfing photos, today it’s mainly his landscape pictures that attract most people. In this field he won’t need any lessons from anyone.

Despite his big success his heart still beats for one particular thing which, as you already know, is also highly important for me: the protection of the nature and preservation of all its beauty.

“I know some people will say that if I showcase a picture, that spot will attract more attention, and maybe more visitors.  But I think we have to show the beautiful, pristine corners of the world to help keep them that way.  And that’s my job.“ (from an  interview with Forbes)

What do you think about Chris Burkard’s photography?


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