Sigma thinking about offering lenses for Fuji X and other rumors

Photokina approaches and the gossip factory is slowly but surely beginning to work overtime. The newest Sigma rumors are coming from none other than the Fujifilm community. According to Fuji Rumors Sigma is supposedly thinking about developing lenses for the Fujifilm X-mount, provided that Fuji manages to up sales of its cameras by 20%.

What Fuji is trying to do with its X system is to develop something like a mini Leica M system. The gear isn’t supposed to be as extremely expensive as the one made by Leica, still pricewise Fuji positions its cameras and lenses higher than Olympus, Panasonic and Sony do it. The fact that expensive cameras sell in lower quantities than cheaper alternatives is obvious. But it seems as though Fuji X cameras currently don’t sell in nearly large enough quantities, in order to make the system attractive to other large lens manufacturers. Currently only Zeiss offers AF lenses for the system. Sigma, Tamron and Tokina are still waiting and analyzing whether it would be profitable to offer lenses for the X-mount.

Canon Rumors has supposedly found out, that Sigma is planning to announce two new lenses for the Canon EF-mount before Photokina. The unnamed source couldn’t say which two lenses Sigma was going to announce. Canon Rumors speculates that it could either be two Sigma 70-200mm OS zooms (one with f/2.8 and another one with f/4) or a Sigma 30mm f/2.8 and one of the 70-200mm zooms.

And of course we shouldn’t forget that there was an unnamed lens on the latest Roadmap for MFT and Sony E-mount, which seemed to have a focal length somewhere between 50mm and 55mm. This prime could also be announced at Photokina.

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