Shooting landscapes and architecture with a telephoto zoom?


I’m hardly what one would consider a landscape or an architecture photographer. I’m more interested in animals, insects, plants, abstract motifs and “detail” (I’m not sure how to better describe that particular type of subject). However, when I head out with the intention of shooting landscapes and architecture, I prefer to take a wide-angle lens with me. For me it was therefore even more exciting to “misuse” my tele zoom, a Sigma 100-400mm F/5-6.3 Contemporary, and point it at said subjects. What I noticed in the process was that one tends to shoot completely different photos than with a wide-angle. On the one hand one perceives the surroundings in a different way while using the longer focal length, on the other the added reach made possible by said longer focal length makes it possible to capture subjects that one wouldn’t be able to with a wide-angle. Not without hiking for really long time, that is. 😉


And since I dislike lugging a tripod, I even shoot lenses with longer focal lengths handheld. This sometimes forces me to use ISO values which perfectionists prefer to avoid. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a conversion to black and white. 😉


But even when going on a photo walk like this one, I find it hard to stick to landscapes. There is always an animal or a flower along the way which begs to be photographed. 😉


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