Summer, sun and underwater photos

On vacation almost everyone is consistently looking out for the perfect picture. Everybody wants to capture the new and the unknown and thus keep it for eternity. Mountains, forests, beaches and cities provide the perfect scenery for this. Often underestimated but no less beautiful is the extraordinary and colorful underwater world. We have summarized a few tips for you to help you take perfect pictures under the sea.

Lighting conditions

Taking pictures in the midday sun is a no-go for most photographers. The light is too bright, the shadows are too edgy and the contrast is too strong. But this doesn’t apply to underwater photography! The brighter the light, the more rays enter the water and the better the photos will turn out in the end. So make sure you use enough sunscreen and jump right into the ocean.

Multicolored tropical fish at coral

Get close!

Due to the difficult lighting conditions underwater, we advise you to have an external flash all ready to illuminate the scenery. If you don’t have any at hand, the integrated camera flash can be sufficient as well. But you will need to swim very close to the object. Attention! Always make sure not to touch anything and not to disturb the fish and the corals in their natural environment.

The Red Sea and its coral reefs

You don’t have a diving license but still you’d like to take great underwater pictures? No problem! Especially the Red Sea is home to many small bays with beautiful colors and exotic fish right under the water surface. Coral reefs are usually not too deep and serve as a perfect shooting location.

coral and fish around Sha'ab Mahmud


If you cannot find a suitable motif or if no fish wants to be your model at that time, you can shoot exciting pictures with so-called split-shots. Simply position the lens in line with the water surface. Especially if you have an object situated above the water and continuing below the surface, the photos will turn out really great.


The camera

You can certainly take the best pictures with a high-quality SLR camera and a good lens. However, many photographers don’t dare to take along their expensive SLR camera and use it under the salty water. Of course, modern compact cameras, especially the ones designed for underwater photography, can be an alternative. For those who don’t want to do without their reflex camera underwater, there‘s a suitable underwater cover for almost every model.

Talking about color

Colors disappear underwater with increasing depth. The proportion of red, in particular, is lost quickly, that is from a depth of five meters. Snorkelers taking their pictures right under the water surface are less likely to be affected by diminishing color. However, if you want to dive deeper, it’s worth using a red or pink filter in order to compensate differences in color.

The Golden Ratio and the Rule of Thirds

Underwater everything is different and yet it is not. Above all, the Golden Ratio and the Rule of Thirds are considered to be well-established techniques in terms of image composition. These rules should also be taken into account when taking pictures underwater in order to create harmony in your photo.

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