National Geography Travel Photographer of the Year 2018

Ever since I’m able to read, I’ve been a fan of the National Geographic Magazine, and ever since I’m into photography, I’ve been particularly fascinated of course by the incredible photographs and the unbelievably talented photographers whose pictures get published in the magazine. One of my greatest dreams – and forgive me for mentioning it once again – is to see one photo I took in the National Geographic Magazine. The photo award, which is awarded by the magazine every year, and the photo contest count among my annual photography highlights.

Now it’s time again: National Geographic has awarded the best travel photographers of 2018 and I’m excited again about the selection. Photographers from all over the world submit their pictures every year. This year a jury selected the best travel pictures in the categories “people”, “nature” and “cities” from a total of 13,000 photos that were submitted. The winner of the Award 2018 in the category “nature” is Japanese photographer Reiko Takahashi. She succeeded in taking an incredible shot of a humpback whale with its calf swimming right past the photographer near the Japanese island of Kume-jima. Being a true whale fan, I just can’t get enough of this photo and, frankly speaking, I truly envy Reiko Takahashi for this unique experience. The photo titled “Mermaid” shows a tail fin of a whale and proves how gracious this giant is despite its size. I believe Reiko Takahashi really deserves winning the award. What do you think about this year’s selection of the National Geographic Magazine and which winning image in each category fascinates you the most?

Here you can take a look at all winning images and favorites of the magazine.

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    1. Thanks so much! 🙂 Happy you like it!


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