The potato camera

Potato Camera is a term readily used by the English speaking YouTube community when commenting on shots and videos that have extremely low image quality. “Was this video filmed with a potato camera?” is a good example of such comments. The folks who run Corridor Crew, known for their quirky experiments, wanted to find out whether it is at all possible to take photos with a genuine potato camera. That image quality would be unusably bad, if such a camera would work at all that is, was clear to them from the outset.


I don’t want to give too much away, but for those of you, who are wondering whether it is possible to make a working camera with a potato, film and a lens alone, no, it sadly isn’t. Potatoes let way too much light through. For this reason it was necessary to print a small chamber with a 3D printer, which would house the film stripe which is being exposed when taking a shot, and to tape the area around the lens with black duct tape, in order to prevent the light from getting through the front of the potato. Just watch the video, it’s worth it. But be ready to skip long passages, which have nothing to do with the potato camera.

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