As you know, summertime is a bit calmer when it comes to new models and innovations presented by camera and lens manufacturers. They work and puzzle so every company can show its best and most innovative side at the phonokina, which takes place from 26 to 29 September this year. That’s why now the atmosphere is also a bit more relaxed at SIGMA. Nevertheless, they have worked on some improvements and some firmware updates as well as data for the release of e-mount lenses have been published.

For today I’d like to present you something different though: the official blog of ( On this blog, we can find regularly posted interesting articles by famous photographers, creative filmmakers and many more. There are new postings almost every week in the five categories “Allgemeines” (General), “News und Events” (News and Events), “Sigma erklärt” (Sigma explains), “Test und Reviews” (Test and Reviews), and “zu Gast bei Sigma” (Guest at Sigma).

My personal favorite on this blog is “zu Gast bei Sigma” (Guest at Sigma). This is where on a regular basis articles get published by photographers I admire a lot. Every person interested is going to find something, ranging from tips and tricks to insider information to the everyday working routine. For instance, Felix Rachor, a photographer from Berlin, whose profile I’ve been following for quite some time in the Social Media, was asked to give an interview. If you’ve become curious now, just take a look here. (

In the category General you will find some interesting commentaries by photographers and on News and Events, as you can guess from its name, you can see new updates and information about the label. On Test and Reviews, of course, there won’t be any great surprises, either. But taking a look at some great samples photos on lenses and reading thoughts about them can always be helpful.

“Sigma explains”, in my opinion, is certainly worth visiting for amateur photographers! From the most important aspects to consider when shooting at night to the basics in color theory or how impressive monochrome photos can be created, you can find everything a creative heart desires. Here’s the link of an article I enjoyed quite a lot in particular.


I hope you’re going to have lots of fun browsing the blog! I’ve just immersed in it once again. But what’s a better thing to do on a rainy day anyway?

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