Mother and Son

Today I’d like to present you a photo series that already impressed me a couple of years ago, when I saw it for the first time at the WordPress exhibition. The pictures taken by French photographer Denis Dailleux reveal the deep connection between mothers and their sons and they certainly count among the most intimate works of this photographer. Dailleux fell in love with Egypt’s capital Cairo on his first visit and the city has now become his new home.

With the greatest respect and sensitivity he creates a series that is a proof of the lasting acknowledgement of Egyptian generosity which he could observe in this country. The photographer takes us into the family’s lives, revealing to us an entirely different and unexpected aspect of the relations between mothers and their bodybuilder sons. His photos are an unconventional contrast of muscular men and veiled ageing women. Emotional and strong images are thus created, showing the vulnerable, almost childish sides of the athletic men and their great love and affection. In this series they hold hands and kiss foreheads – reflecting the tenderness of male touches that balances the dominance of their physical appearance. Mothers come to the fore instead of the Herculean shape of the bodybuilder. Instead of using general stereotypes to demonstrate strength and power, these photos provide an intimate perspective on the relationship between mothers and their sons in Egypt.

In my opinion this series has deserved its several awards. Among others it was the winner of the World Press Photo Award in the category portraits. Which photo series have impressed you? I’d be happy if you left me some comments on some of your favorite photo series!

 Photos: Denis Dailleux

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