Snow Art by Simon Beck

Today I’ve got another photographer for you, that clearly fits the “inspiring and creative photography ideas” category I love so much. Simon Beck could be called a big dimension snow artist, extreme endurance athlete and photographer. He graduated in Engineering from Oxford University but quit is office job to become a cartographer. On a skiing trip he had the idea to draw a star into the snowy surface of a small frozen lake and due to his cartographers’ job and his incredible sense of orientation the perfectly geometrical star he created looked amazing when he looked at it from a skiing lift the next day. An idea was born and since then Simon Beck perfected his art. He is now known as the first “Snow Artist” ever and his Artwork, although they never last too long, attract thousands of people. His Art can be admired on Facebook and he also published a book titled “Snow Art” with more than 200 pictures of his incredible work.

His fascinating and satisfyingly geometrical snow art pieces take up to 11 hours of work and they most of all require a lot of endurance. He marches up to 40 kilometers to mark out the patterns and one can imagine how strenuous that must be. He does it for over 10 years now and created about 30 snow drawings every winter. The only devices he uses is a compass and he is counting his paces to orientate himself. The special foot-prints he leaves behind are due to the snowshoes he wears. Once he started working on a formation he can’t really take breaks and rest, since he can’t leave the path unless he is willing to disturb the pattern he had in mind.

I personally, really love looking at his photos. There is something quite satisfying and soothing in geometrical and symmetrical patterns to me. Also, I really am admiring Simon Beck for his idea and most of all, his persistence.

  1. This is incredible! Thanks for sharing it 🙂


    1. Happy you like it as much as I do! 🙂 He truly is an fascinating artist! 🙂


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