Schönbrunn with my SIGMA 135mm

Hello, everyone,

today it was time for me, my Canon 5D Mark III and my newest family member, (which I already told you about last week) the SIGMA 135mm for another photo walk! I already showed you some indoor photos last week and now it was about time to go out into the fresh air again.

A walk in my favorite city? A walk in a park or a short hike on the outskirts of the city? This time I’ll take you to a place that many photographers love as much as many children who make their rounds with purring eyes – I’m talking about the zoo, of course. But not just any zoo, I take you on a tour through the oldest zoo in the world – Schönbrunn!

For me the 135mm lens was the ideal choice for this photo series, the telephoto area was perfect to capture the animals well and thanks to the large open aperture of 1.8 it was easy to separate them from the background too. Razor-sharp pictures with great bokeh as if by itself!

I’m really a big fan of its optics. The only criticism I have already told you about in my last article is the high weight of over one kilogram. During my zoo afternoon I struggled a bit with the heavy camera and optics. In retrospect, however, when looking at the pictures, this feeling is blown away and the struggle was totally worth it. 😉

I hope you like the pictures and you have the chance to try out this great lens.

Have fun taking pictures.


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