Sea-horse by Justin Hofman

A photo that looks amazing on the first glance but breaks your heart at the second. This moving picture of a seahorse holding onto a cotton bud was taken by Justin Hofman, a renowned wildlife and conservation photographer in one of the worlds most popular holiday locations. Indonesia. The photo of the sea horse went viral shortly after Hofman posted it on Social Media and hopefully it makes people think more about what most peoples’ lifestyles are doing with our planet. Justin Hofmans caption to this photo on Instagram adds to the tragedy that the oceans and all the creatures living in it are going through.


“What started as an opportunity to photograph a cute little sea horse turned into one of frustration and sadness as the incoming tide brought with it countless pieces of trash and sewage. This sea horse drifts long with the trash day in and day out as it rides the currents that flow along the Indonesian archipelago.”  Justin Hofman

Plastic and other trash is polluting our Oceans and especially those picture-perfect holiday vacation spots are affected. By now, most of you have probably seen the pictures of the huge islands of plastic floating around the oceans? Or the video by Rich Horner, who planned to dive through the most gorgeous underwater environments and ended up diving through plastic instead.


We all need to step into action, small as it be, changing minor day to day habits will, if enough people do it, eventually add up and make a huge difference. We just simply have to try, because, to be honest, can you look at this sea horse and NOT feel the urge to help changing its sad fate?


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