Lightroom tips and tricks

Hey guys,

If you enjoy taking pictures a lot and work with your camera intensively, there’ll be no way around image editing sooner or later. Maybe, as you play around with colors, brightness and contrasts, you will discover one more passion – at least that’s what happened to me. 😉

While editing you get the chance to shape your photos according to your own wishes and preferences. Thus, you give them your very personal note. For many years today’s most popular photographers have been creating their unmistakable styles that do not only depend on their way of shooting but also on image editing.

As it is the case in our modern times, there’s a variety of different programs that will give your pictures a very special touch. From the beginning I started using Adobe Lightroom, which has become my favorite tool by now.

In order to achieve a quick and efficient workflow, I started creating my own presets (pre-settings for editing) and collecting them online. Below I have added two pages where you can download some presets for free. From my experience I can tell that such packages include “filters” that won’t match with your personal style and need to be deleted again. However, if you keep looking for a while, you’ll be likely to find presets that can give your photos an interesting note and that you can add with your own adaptations to the editing repertoire. Just give it a try! Below I’ve added two links to download some presets for free:

And here comes one more special hint for you! For quite some time I’d been looking for a program that would allow me to choose the intensity and presets myself, such as the transparency of an image plane in Photoshop. I’d almost given up hope when I finally came across the perfect software – The Fader! Click here for the website:


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