Bear kills man during a selfie attempt


© Petapixel

On Wednesday a man in India was killed by a bear, after attempting to shoot a selfie with the wild animal. As the newspaper Hindustan Times reports, the entire thing took place in the Indian state of Odisha. A man by the name of Prabhu Bhatara was returning home with some fiends after attending a wedding, when he saw an injured bear at a forest edge during a comfort break.

Not listening to the others Bhatara exited the SUV and began approaching the injured animal. He got too close and was killed by the bear then and there, after it quickly caught up to him. Instead of trying to help, other passengers were filming the whole thing with their smartphones. Only a stray dog, which happened to be there, had seriously tried but failed to free Bhatara from the bear’s claws.

If you ask me this is a deeply sad story, which, for a number of reasons, makes you lose faith in humanity. What remains to be said, other than maybe that shooting selfies and choosing your friends both require you to turn on your brain?

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