With the sweet tooth

Hello, dear ones,
today I have a treat for all sweet lovers among you – I was on the road in Upper Austria’s capital Linz and had the opportunity to take a look over the shoulders of the manufacturers at a small candy manufactory. There, a wide variety of sweets and lollipops are created, even ones with individual motifs. From panda bears and the initials of a wedding couple to company logos, everything is possible there. I was there one morning with my Canon 5D Mark III and watched and nibbled a bit.

Sugar mass heated to over 150 degrees Celsius, colourful colours to colour the sticky mass, the elaborate process of personalising by creating the individual patterns in the sugar, drawing the sugar mixture and cutting into the appropriate greetings were just a few of the steps I was allowed to observe.

I chose the Sigma 24-70 mm F2, 8 EX DG HSM lens. With its focal length range I was able to capture the workshop in total shots and in the zoom range with the open aperture 2.8, impressive detail shots were possible.
At this shooting I decided to bring a gadget to make my photos a bit more playful and therefore suitable for the location. A glass prism allowed me to conjure interesting light reflexes into the photos, which I personally always like very much. Many of you may still know it from physics lessons at school, but would not associate it with photography.

Everyone who occasionally holds glasses or something similar in front of the lense to get a blurred foreground so that their photos get more depth and an individual touch will be delighted. With a prism you have many possibilities to achieve great effects. It is possible to discreetly mirror parts of the environment into your photos, reflect the sky, get small rainbows into the photos or simply create simple bright blurr effects – depending on how you place the prism in front of the lens. I would advise anyone who has become curious now to invest a few euros and simply experiment with camera and prism. It’s great fun and the creative possibilities are huge!

I hope you enjoyed my little trip in the world of sweets! I wish you a nice start into the new week.

All the best,

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