Edward Horsford – Waterbombs

One that definitely has to go on our list of inspiring, creative photographers with simple, but genius ideas, is Edward Horsford and his bursting water balloon photographs. The London based photographer dedicates quite some time to his specialty photos and it got him quite a few international features and lots of attention for this project. Each shot takes a lot of preparation, the perfect timing and also produces, as one can imagine, quite a mess. Horsford perfected his technique over time and knows now how to perfectly stage the split-second moment a balloon full of water explodes. He knows what kind of balloon he has to use for what kind of outcome. He mentioned that he mostly works with rounder balloons and that a large part of the water shape that can be captured on photo is due to the original balloon shape. He knows how much water should be filled into the balloons to create certain formations. But still, one huge factor is of course always luck. Since he can’t foretell the directions the water is going to in the end, he has to be prepared to sacrifice quite a few balloons for the specific image he has in mind of what the final image should look like. The balloons are burst with a long pin and what is really genius to me, the flash is triggered by the sound of the balloon bursting. The fascinating photos are caught on camera at an incredible speed of  1/40.000ths of a second and this, of course, is a speed normally far too quick to see for human eyes.

I don’t know what it is but looking at Edward Horsfords photos of water balloons bursting is really, reaaally satisfying to me. I am sure I am not the only one though! 😉

Photo credit: Edward Horsfords

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