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Hey guys,

You’ve certainly heard that there’s been quite a lot going on with Sigma over the past few weeks. From now on, lenses with an e-mount will be manufactured. This means that from today we can also use Sigma lenses on Sony cameras without an MC-11 converter. Apart from that, we’re also happy about three new Art lenses that have been announced. The two fixed focal lengths 105mm 1.4 and 70mm 2.8 and a zoom lens 14-24mm 2.8 have become part of the company’s new product series.

Besides this, currently some great firmware development with regards to fixing lens aberrations is taking place. This concerns lenses for Canon in particular. The three major correction functions have been developed against vignetting, chromatic aberration and distortion. In order to stay informed about this topic, I recommend you taking a look at the following site every once in a while:

To be better informed about the products, I’d like to briefly explain the three product series of the manufacturer today. Many of you may already have heard about them, but for those who haven’t this information is surely good to know. In general, Sigma offers three different product lines: the Contemporary, Art and Sports series. I’d like to tell you now which series works best with which target group, what their characteristics are and how you make the best choice.

During the great restructuring phase in 2012 the following three product series were developed, each series having a clearly defined concept.

Contemporary series:

These lenses are all-rounders. They’re perfect for travel photography and family parties. The lenses cover a great variety of fields. Beyond this, all lenses of this series have a fairly light build-quality. In this series you can find standard, tele-zoom and zoom lenses.

Art series:

These lenses promise you high-quality optical performance and a high level of image quality. This product series also has an excellent reputation among true professionals. Thanks to their excellent image performance, Art lenses aren’t only perfect for landscape, portrait, still life and close-up photography or snapshots, but also for artistic and experimental photography. The Art series offers wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses as well as light-intense fixed focal lengths and macro and fisheye lenses.

Sports series:

This is what the third product series is called. These lenses aim at capturing action in motion, which is why they are an excellent choice for dynamic sports and action photos as well as for wildlife photography. Sports lenses guarantee high-quality optical performance and a high level of image quality as well as detailed shots. The lenses are constructed to be fast and precise and keep these qualities even when shooting from great distances. Besides sports photography, the lenses are the best choice for nature and portrait photography as well as for shooting airplanes, trains and motor vehicles.

I hope you could follow my explanations and that I could help some of you!


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