Sculptures or photo spot?

Hey guys,

Today I’d like to take you for a little walk to Burgenland, to be more precise, to Sankt Margarethen. The village has a quarry and a sculpture park where you can take some longer walks with interesting things to see. Several big pieces of art made of stone are spread all over the hilly scenery. Since 1959 there have been sculptor symposiums in Sankt Margarethen on a regular basis where the pieces of art, which are a delight to see on our walks, are created. International artists are involved in the creative process. The landscape doesn’t only invite us for some varied walks and hiking tours, but it’s for sure worth a trip for photographers as well. The different sculptures, which match with the settings in an impressive way, offer countless chances to take some interesting photos. For this trip I took along two lenses: my all-time favorite, the Sigma 50mm F1,4 DG HSM | Art, and my fairly new far-angle lens, the SIGMA 24mm F1,4 DG HSM | Art. These two lenses were the perfect combination for my adventure. As always, the camera I used was the Canon 5D MarkIII.

On this photo walk I was shooting most pictures from a perspective that was quite unusual for me. In order to give the images a somewhat dramatic look, I took the pictures from close to the ground.

In the post-editing process, in particular, I played around a bit more this time. The colors were supposed to look paler so the stones and the sceneries would match better. I prefer editing my photos with Lightroom and sometimes with Photoshop. What sort of image editing software do you prefer using?

The day of my photo walk was rather murky. That’s why I was working with an ISO range between 400 and 800. The aperture level was between 4 and 11.

I wish you all a nice week with some sunny hours to relax and to take pictures. As for myself, I’m heading to one of my favorite cities tomorrow, to Barcelona. Expect some nice photos from there. All the best!


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