The Broccoli Tree


Landscape and wildlife photographers often keep info regarding locations and motifs they find particularly interesting to themselves. One reason for that is that in times of internet and google maps other photographers soon find out about them and the locations or motifs become “overphotographed”. One additional reason is provided by the story about a tree in Sweden, which has become internet famous under the name The Broccoli Tree.

The Broccoli Tree was a tree in Jönköping, Sweden, and it was one of photographer Patrik Svedberg’s favorite subjects. In the four years, during which Svedberg was photographing the tree and uploading photos of it to Instagram, the tree became somewhat of an internet celebrity with around 32,000 followers.

Fame – whether it is in real life or on the internet – has its down side, as numerous stories about celebrities and their stalkers have shown us time and time again. However, sometimes it’s not obsessed fans but rather people, who can’t stand seeing others enjoy something, who destroy something beautiful. That’s exactly what happened to the Broccoli Tree. One day in September of 2017 Svedberg went to photograph the tree only to find out that someone had sawn almost the entire way through one of its largest branches. After that the tree had to be cut down.

John Green, a best-selling author and one of the people behind the YT channel vlogbrothers has made a beautiful video about this tree. Watch it, it’s worth it. 🙂


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