E-waste becomes art

We’re all producing horrendous amounts of electronic waste. Countless electronic devices are easily disposed as they are just not repaired but replaced with new stuff! To highlight this big issue photographer Benjamin Von Wong had an idea to open the eyes of many people. It’s about an elaborate work of art, about surreal portraits with an incredible setting. At first sight beautiful, crazy and different, at second sight his images are supposed to make you think twice.

With 50 volunteers Benjamin Von Wong received 4,100 pounds (about 1.8 tons) of e-waste in order to realize his project. In 2010 about 142,000 computers were discarded on average in the United States – making e-waste the fastest growing waste stream in the world. Time and again the photographer stresses these issues in his interviews in order to raise awareness.

For his photos the photographer was handed 4,100 pounds of e-waste by the company Dell. 50 volunteers spent ten days rummaging the e-waste and sorting out the pieces in groups. Von Wong and his crew built wooden structures serving as the basis for his settings. It took hours of work not only to create the settings but to prepare the models meticulously and adjust them to their surroundings with body painting.

Clearing up after the hard work of the past ten days, however, only took four hours, the photographer says. He hopes that his photos will be watched for a long time and remind every observer of the priority of dealing responsibly with e-waste.

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