Knitted Camouflage – Hide and seek in knitwear

One would think that today, in an age of visual boom where almost everyone has become a photographer thanks to their smartphones, it wouldn’t exist anymore. But it does – every once in a while you can still find it, hidden among the masses, this one original idea nobody has ever had before. As you know, I’m a big fan of original photo ideas and so I regularly click through the photo magazines and Social Media, hoping to find it. Then, the day before yesterday, I found it: On Petapixel I saw a photo by Joseph Ford and knew right away – I’ve got to tell you about it. 🙂

Joseph Ford is not a nobody among photographers. His creative photo ideas have made him cooperate with Hugo Boss, Missoni, Lacoste or Pepe Jeans and photo magazines report about him worldwide on a regular basis. His project Knitted Camouflage, which he started in collaboration with Nina Dodd, fascinates me in particular. For four years both artists were working on this project. Nina Dodd, who is known for her unusual and original knitting projects, had the idea of Camouflage knitting pictures as she was sitting on a double-decker bus and decided to knit a pullover with the same pattern as the seats on the bus so they would merge with the seat. With Joseph Ford and his talent for creative and extraordinary photos her photo series “Knitted Camouflage” has by now become world-famous.

Each photo means at least one day of hard work for Joseph Ford and his models, whom he claims to often meet on the street and whom he then addresses.  In order to achieve the perfect camouflage effect, the poses of the models as well as the knitwear have to be readjusted and repositioned several times.

The extraordinary knitwear created by Nina Dodd aka the Duke of Woolington, which in my opinion are masterpieces themselves, were perfectly captured on the lens by Joseph Ford. Don’t you agree?


Photos: Joseph Ford

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