Alfra Martini – Cats as cover star doubles

The cat fans among you have surely heard of it already, all others may still be thrilled by the photos taken by American photographer Alfra Martini. The idea of restaging famous cover pictures with kittens clearly counts among those ideas I’d categorize as “Why haven’t I thought about this before?”


Martini’s project “The Kitten Covers“ has been fascinating cat fans from all over the world for many years. What’s really fascinating to me is how accurately the kittens’ mimics match with the originals featuring the star covers. We know that working with animals isn’t easy and even less so with young animals that aren’t likely to act the way you want them to act and that rarely stand still. It’s good that Alfra Martini isn’t a Photoshop newcomer and only needs a lot of patience and a lot of time when searching for the right kitten images. In any case, her idea is a hit and has made her quite popular as well. Huffpost, CBS News and Dailydot are just a few of the most widespread online media that have been reporting on Alfra Martini and her kittens. She dedicates herself to the project only sporadically now, but, as she writes on her website, she’s still happy when more and more people hear about her kitten cover project and she can still thrill them after so many years.


How do you like the cover pictures? My favorite is definitely the David Bowie kitten. 😀

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