By now, colorful autumn has left us and the city has immersed into some sad gray tones. The tall buildings, the sky and even the people in the city look gray to me in winter. The snow never remains and instead the streets are covered with wet slush. Besides my cold fingers and a red nose I don’t really feel like enjoying winter.

That’s why I grabbed my camera, the Canon EOS 70D, and my SIGMA 24-105mm f4 DG OS HSM / Art to get out of town. In order to find winter, I really had to go quite far, because I was only able to find some snow high up in the Austrian mountains.

At temperatures of -12 degrees Celsius and with the sun hiding behind thick clouds at least in the valley, I didn’t take long to feel real cold. I had to make an effort to move my fingers to get the camera settings right. However, while moving on skis or in thick winter boots up and down the mountain you get to feel very warm quite quickly!

Unlike me, my lens didn’t have to fight the cold, however, it had to face scenery without strong contrasts. Because of the partly clouded weather and the masses of snow I often had some minor trouble focusing. Finding the right spot often took me longer, but in the end everything worked out the way I’d imagined.

I really enjoyed my trip into that winter wonderland, even if it was very short, and hope that the snow will soon come to us in the next few days! I think I’m speaking for everyone when I say that white Christmas would be something wonderful again!


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