Sometimes staying inside feels just better…

Autumn has finally arrived: the chilly wind, some rain every now and then, and days that become shorter and shorter. Of course, enjoying this season equipped with rubber boots, a rain-check and a cap can be nice, as I showed to you on my last two photo walks. Sometimes, however, sitting at the window sill with a cup of hot tea or coffee, enjoying some sweet delights and watching the spectacle outside from the distance can be nice as well.

Today I once again used my favorite lens, the SIGMA 50mm F 1,4. DG HSM Art. In order to capture good and especially natural light I built up my setting next to the window. As a surface I used the big wooden table in my apartment, which has often done a good job during my photo shootings.

In order to add some more structure to the background I used a white deco element which you can see in some of my photos on the left side in the background. With the help of a prism I wanted to create additional depth-of-field by adding playful blurring in the foreground. To all those of you who only know a prism from physics lessons in school and who like the look it creates in the images I can only recommend using it as a photographic accessory. I got the idea about a year ago and since then it’s been an essential item in my photo bag!

For these photos I worked a lot with a wide-open aperture. As you may already know, I’m a big fan of atmospheric depth-of-field. I chose aperture settings between 1.4 and 4.0 and paid attention that the time would never be less than 1/90. As for ISO value, I had to vary between 400 and 1600. And now grab your camera, or would you rather enjoy a hot cup of tea? 🙂


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