Autumn portraits

A couple of days ago I took you to meadows covered by the mist on a rainy, murky walk through the forest. I showed you all the wonderful facets this season offers. However, on my long walk my focus was not only nature itself. I was accompanied by a friend who also posed as a photo model for my shootings.

Autumn, which comes with a cloudy sky, can also create a fantastic light atmosphere! The light is very soft, there are no shades and the rain makes the autumn colors on the ground shine very nicely. Ideal conditions for some wonderful portrait shots, indeed. As usual I took photos with my Canon EOS 5D MarkIII and my all-time favorite lens, the SIGMA 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art. I love the natural angle this lens offers, the wonderful depth-of-field as well as the bokeh it creates with an open aperture. Good reasons to always carry it in my camera bag! Some pictures I also took with the SIGMA 24-70 mm F2, 8 EX DG HSM, a lens I’m always very satisfied with.

As backgrounds I chose some very different settings for my pictures: the middle of a hiking path through the woods. That’s how one can perfectly work with depth-of-field while autumn presents itself in its entire splendor. On the other hand, I moved across a large and wide meadow with Jasmin. There we had the chance to shoot some simple classical pictures with a clear focus on the model and only few distracting elements visible in the background. After doing so, we happened to discover a barn close to the meadow. The humid wood was very dark with a wonderful grain. I knew right away that this would be my favorite background. When shooting portraits I enjoy playing with monochrome backgrounds such as facades of houses, fences or walls with an interesting structure.

So what do I want to tell you with these articles? I’m telling you to get out! The weather is not an excuse to stay inside as it is perfect both for details in nature and landscapes and for portrait shootings! 🙂














    1. Thank you so much 🙂 Always happy to hear that they are liked! I am constantly trying to improve my skills! 🙂


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