“People Matching Artworks”

By chance I came across the photographer Stefan Draschan some days ago, a man who obviously spends a lot of time in the museums I also enjoy visiting every now and then.

On his blog “People Matching Artworks”, the Austrian photographer presents photos where people form a symbiotic relationship with the pictures. Do the colors of their clothes match with the artworks? Do the persons look as if they’d just been created from the picture? Or does something else connect them to the art in a unique way? Since 2015 Stefan Draschan has been sitting on watch for them in Vienna’s and Berlin’s museums, as he calls his hunt for pictures: “Whenever I see something thrilling, I react to it, slow down my speed and thus adapt to my prey,” the 38-year-old photographer says about his work. On average he’s got eleven seconds for a perfect picture, because this is the average time a museum visitor will spend watching an artwork.

Those of you who’d like to see more of the photographer’s unusual discoveries should definitely visit his blog on:


There you can see other bizarre discoveries in museums besides people matching artworks. People touching artworks, people sleeping between artworks, and some other observations of another kind.

Those of you who’d like to see his next exhibition should pay attention to their outfit when they go to a museum. 😉








  1. Wonderful pictures, like the details that led to the pictures


    1. Yes they are amazing! 🙂


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