Robert Frank

Today I’d like to introduce you to another big name on the list of the most important photographers of our time. He belongs to the photographic scene of Henri Cartier Bresson and Joe Meyerowitz and is as impressive: Robert Frank is a Swiss-American photographer, film director and cameraman who became internationally famous especially thanks to his photo series “Les Américains”.

Only last week an exhibition opened in Vienna’s Albertina showing his career as an artist. Among many other things, visitors can see a selection of his early photographs, pictures of his trips through Europe, but also the pinnacle of his creations, “Les Américains”. To those of you who are in Vienna at the moment I can only recommend a visit to Vienna’s first district.

His main creation is considered to be one of the most influential photographic works in the post-war era which also has an ongoing impact on street photography in general. The pictures were taken between 1955 and 1958 during a road trip through the United States. Frank wanted to capture the “American way of life” after the war and found racism, violence and consumerism. As his pictures don’t harmonize with the self-image of the nation, his photo book could only be sold in Europe. On his tour the photographer took 28,000 pictures of which he meticulously selected and rearranged 83 photos.

The combination of the pictures which are full of contrast, intensity and a deeper message are more than impressive and certainly worth to be seen!

Those of you who want to learn even more about the life and creations of Robert Frank are advised to visit the following website:

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