When there are rumors in production development…

By now, we all know that SIGMA not only stands for high quality but also performs excellently regarding design and practicability. As winter is coming the nights are getting longer as well. So it’s the perfect time to release something special that’s been announced for quite some time already: SIGMA has extended its cine lens series with a version with fluorescent inscriptions of the scale marks at the ring. Thus the Japanese company makes it easier for filmmakers to work with little light. The shiny inscriptions make it possible to film faster and to act more safely. Since there are also fluorescent signs for swapping the lens, this procedure can be carried out very quickly as well.

The lenses were already tested last April at the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) Show in Las Vegas (https://www.sigmaphoto.com/article/nab-2017-cine-news/) . According to the press release the Fully Luminous Version will be on sale in Europe as of November. By the way, you can find out more about cine lenses, including interviews, reviews and nice little videos on the SIGMA website on: https://www.sigmaphoto.com/article/nab-2017-cine-news/.

It’s really worth taking a glimpse at the great masterpieces! Enjoy your virtual tour!




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