Underwater photography by Michaela Skovranova

Although many of us enjoy spending some time in the water, water is definitely not the element of human-beings. In the water we’re only guests for a limited period of time. That’s different with creatures native to water. Life under water has always been something very mystical for me. Swimming in the water and not knowing of what actually glides around, beneath or with you through the blue depths has both frightened and fascinated me.  Michaela Skovranova captured this very contradiction in a wonderful way in her photos. Watching the pictures makes my hackles rise and I just can’t take my eyes off them.

Her pictures of humpback whales fascinated me in particular. It’s been my biggest dream for a long time to become an ocean biologist. My romantic idea of this profession was to swim with whales and dolphins through the sea as often as you want. This childhood dream hasn’t come true, though my fascination for the underwater world has remained alive.

The Australian photographer and filmmaker lets you dive into the underwater world and shows you that there’s still a world deep down in the oceans and in the water which most of us are hardly aware of.

Besides her outstanding photographic talent she’s also a great filmmaker. Her pictures of a humpback whale cow and her calf are simply magical to watch. HERE you can watch the film.





Fotos: Michaela Skovranova


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