My “photographic dream” of Africa

Red soil, endless wilderness, breathtaking sunsets, amazing animals, freedom and adventures. All this and much more I can relate to my dream of Africa.

As far as I remember I’ve always dreamed of exploring Africa. Of seeing the animals you usually watch in a zoo or – even more tragically – in a circus show and of observing for once how they wander through their native territories. As wild and free creatures with dignity.

Wildlife photography has always been something that’s been fascinating me in an incredible way. My bookshelf is full of photo books of big names such as Nick Brandt, Andy Rouse and Michel d’Oultremont. Paging through these books and planning my first photo safari in my mind count among my favorite pastimes.  I can hardly anticipate the day when I will capture my first elephant or lion in the wilderness on my camera lens. However, until that moment I’ll have to please myself with the photos taken by other wildlife photographers. Some time ago I discovered David Lloyd’s photos for the first time.

The close-up shot of an elephant in the Maasai Mara National Reserve has impressed me in particular. The picture radiates incredible peacefulness and wisdom and you actually get the feeling that the elephant looks deep into your soul. I could watch that picture for many hours.

I assume that soon one of his photo books will be part of my bookshelf collection! 😉

I hope to do my photo trip to Africa in the near future and I’m already dreaming of being lucky enough to capture a moment as magical as in that picture. Do you also have a “photographic dream”? A place or a subject you’re aching to capture on your lens? If so, I’d like to hear more about it! J

You can watch more photos by David Lloyd on his Instagram account, his website or his Facebook page.

Wildlife Elephant

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