North Brother Island – an abandoned island close to the megacity New York

You’ve never heard of North Brother Island? No big surprise. Because this island is even hardly known by New Yorkans themselves. Even though it’s very close to the glamorous megacity in the US. To be more exact – it’s located in the East River, between the Bronx and Rikers Island.

The history of North Brother Island is a rather sad one. The little island was abandoned and totally uninhabited until a quarantine clinic, the Riverside Hospital, opened in 1885. It was established for people suffering from contagious diseases and serious illnesses. One of its most popular patients was Mary Mallon who’d been infected with typhus and infected other people without falling ill herself though. After World War Two, veterans were hosted there in a housing project. At a later point the location was used for a drug rehabilitation program.

Today the island isn’t accessible to the public anymore and it also isn’t inhabited by anybody. The old buildings have become ruins and are taken back by nature. It is now a nature conservation area and inhabited by colonies of black-crowned night herons.

Very few lucky guys get a permission to visit the island in order to do some research there, such as regional historian Ian Ference who documented the history of the island. The place, however, is often visited illegally by photographers and bloggers alike who want to take pictures secretly.

The photos of the island we want to show you today were taken by Will Ellis . He lives in Brooklyn and specializes in architecture photography. In his work he also puts on a strong focus on the topic Abandoned NYC.  For this series he’s visited a number of abandoned places in the city of glamour New York which he captured on his camera. Visiting his website really pays of for all those interested in the magic of lost places.

The creepiest abandoned places in New York City





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