Wild chase

Autumn has arrived way too soon. And it really caught me by surprise. From sunny Vienna I went to Berlin. And yeah, summer in Berlin wasn’t a real summer anyways. The first leaves were falling down on the streets and I was feeling cold in my summer clothes. But Berlin was beautiful nonetheless. It always is. However, as I returned to Vienna I believed to have taken autumn with me. Because then summer didn’t show up again. On the contrary. The autumn blues took hold of me. If you feel the same way, I’ve got the perfect remedy for you!

On one of my last summer weekends I visited my parents in the countryside. And our cat who lives there as well.  I spent hours following her through our garden and watching her on her stroll through the flower beds. Today I’d like to show you these pictures – because cats are scientifically known to make people happy.

Taking pictures of animals requires a short shutter time so the photos will only have little or no motion blur at all. Posing for a camera doesn’t really count among the strengths of the little companions. However, it’s still great fun taking pictures of your pet because then you’ll get to know them from another perspective. As you can see, my little pet tiger is actually a little photographic diva. She feels great in front of a camera and loves posing as well.

Enjoy watching the pictures, perhaps while you sip a cup of tea? Then saying good-bye to the warm season of the year won’t be that hard anymore (at least not to me). All the best!








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